On to the Next

Today was a quiet day in that it was a travel day. Yesterday was our last day in Seoul and so today we traveled to Gyeongju. The total travel time was about 6 hours but that included the two rest stops we did. The bus ride went by surprisingly fast because the first two hours I slept and the rest I was able to catch up on my blogs.

We finally made it Gyeongju and our hotel. We had a very nice hotel with much bigger rooms than the first one which was incredible nice. The hotel also offered the fancy features as the first. Once we were settled we decided to explore the area because we had free time for the rest of the day. We saw there was a water park nearby and because it was such a beautiful and hot day we decided to go. However once we got there we realized that it was closed. Sadly we walked to where there was food and had dinner. We then decided to walk around because it was such a beautiful area. There was a pretty lake and surrounding us was mountains. We went along a stream that lead into the mountains and it was so nice. After that we did not really do anything but went back to our hotel room and relaxed. It was a very relaxing day filled with sunshine and beautiful scenery. I had to say it was nice to get out of the city. Although Seoul was so much fun, it was great to be able to go out into nature and experience fresh clean air. Also being so open was very relaxing for me. The area we are staying in you can tell is for tourists because it has several hotels and a lot of tourist attractions such as an amusement park, a regular park, and several rentable scooters everywhere. The change in scenery really revived me and made me excited for the second week.

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