PALing around in Palmero

No lectures today! Instead we went to the neighborhood of Palmero Soho, and the Modern Art Museum of Latin America. Palmero was a pretty neighborhood, with lots of restaurants, shops, and street art. We walked around for several blocks, and then perused a bunch of street merchants that were set up in the square. After picking up some handmade gifts, we then walked down another street and stopped in a few local businesses. I thought they were unique to those found in the states and it was pretty refreshing to see.

One of my favorite spots in Palmero was the spot on a wall with two wings. It was a really colorful spot on an otherwise plain wall. The building was also on a street that didn’t have nearly as much street art as the others, so it was definitely attention grabbing. My favorite part about the art were the words above the wings. The words “ama, vive, libre, grow, suena and rie” were painted on the wall as well. Respectively, the words translate to love, live, free, grow, dream, and laugh. I think the words serve as a good reminder to always be living life to the fullest. It is important to dream and be free, and keep life filled with love and laughter. It’s also very important to always keep moving and to always keep growing.

I think these are especially a reminder for this trip. Traveling for a period this long with a group of semi-familiar people is kind of tough, especially when there is homework and grading involved. But even while being under some pressure, we’re still in a beautiful city in a foreign country, and we’re very lucky to be here. There are so many fun events planned on this trip and we all need to remember to take it easy, laugh, and enjoy our trip. This trip is also such a learning experience, and we can all grow through it. I know personally, I’ve experienced a lot of growth while being here, professionally, academically, and personally.

Another day, another museum! Tomorrow, we’re becoming ranchers!

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