Preservation through Education

It is very clear that when the Quakers arrived their peaceful way of life translated over to the environment and their decisions to protect it. Many times foreigners are seen as negative by the local community. This is certainly the true in the United States to a degree. However, foreigners who arrive and protect the natural resources of the nation like the Quakers deserve to enjoy the country just as much anyone else. Since their arrival in the 1950s, the Quakers have maintained a strong presence in the community and we could not find anyone who had a negative thing to say about them. What I took from this was that the locals respected them because they respected the forests.

The Quakers were one of the first to arrive here from the US but they were not the last. Today Monteverde is a hub for tourism and the industry has taken over how much of the communities revenue is created. As Don Ricardo told us, less people are going into the farming business these days because you can make so much more money in tourism. Additionally, foreign investment from China, US, and Mexico have increased recently. Although this could make the local community worry as many people in the United States currently do, Foreigners who come into the country with a respect and appreciation for the forrest should be welcomed and encouraged. A big part of this comes down to how the incoming tourists and foreigners are educated about the rain forrest. Don Ricardo did an excellent job explaining why it is necessary to conserve the rainforest and how we can go about protecting them. Costa Rica only needs to worry when they stop educating people about the forests.

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