Day 4: Maybe gravy isn’t so bad

On this lovely morning the group and I went to Regensburg and had a tour of the city. Throughout the tour, the tour guide gave us facts about the city including why it was called Regensburg and how the city was protected from invasion for hundreds of years. My favorite part of the tour was when we learned about the swirls of water in the river. The tour guide told us that people believed that the devil lurked in those waters and that is why it is dangerous. Another favorite part for me was seeing the massive church. It was so detailed and beautiful that I analyzed one particular area for several minutes trying to see all the little details. The inside of the church was even more beautiful. After the tour we went on our way to our second site visit: Continental industries.

At Continental we had a quick overview presentation. What really impressed me was how professional and generous Continental was to us. In the room where we had our introductions there were bottles of liquid refreshments, and then they gave each of us a bag filled with a very nice Continental notebook, a highlighter, and a small bag of gummies. The overview was quick and then we all headed to lunch.

After lunch we went on a tour of their facilities and received a lot of information on how their systems worked. I liked how organized they were. Each machine had a light at the top of it: green meant the machine was working, blue or yellow meant that some type of maintenance was needed, red meant that it immediately needed to be checked out. While I enjoyed their structural layout, my favorite part was their robots. They had moving robots which worked on their own with no supervision. These robots would move supplies from place to place when needed. These robots were so smart that they could sense when something was in front of them and stop. If the object continued to be in its path, the robot would start making a noise. Another example of these robots’ genius was that it could sense its own energy needs. When it needed energy, it would automatically go to a charging station and charge itself. I expect these really incredible machines will become more advanced in the future and be able to complete even greater challenges. Even though the tour through Continental was on the more technical side, I still enjoyed learning how each business works from the inside.

Since we were running slightly ahead of schedule we were able to have some free time to explore Regensburg some more. While many people went off to get coffee, those of us who do not drink coffee went exploring. We mostly walked around and eventually stumbled upon a CVS type store. This was fascinating to me as it literally had the same exact smell as the CVS in Pittsburgh. Going from aisle to aisle it was fun to see all the German brands. With little time left we decided to go back so that we would not be late for dinner. At dinner we went to the restaurant called Weltenburger. At Weltenburger we were given four options for dinner and the choice was simple for me: schnitzel. The schnitzel was really good as usual. There was a side of gravy (which I usually do not like), but I decided to put a little on just to try it. At home I rarely if ever put gravy on any of my food but here I am so glad I did. The gravy enhanced the flavor of the schnitzel tenfold. When everyone was finished, we all got back on the bus and got ready for the next day.

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