Day 4: How chocolate changed my life

May 9th, 2019

Decided to change it up a bit and eat a chocolate croissant instead of a plane croissant. My entire world has changed. I have never really been a fan of plane chocolate or chocolate flavored things. For example, chocolate cake, pudding, cupcakes, or muffins, I’m just not into. But new country new me, so I decided to try something else, and look how that worked out, amazing! My new favorite go to at the Ibis breakfast, the small chocolate croissants. After the life altering experience at breakfast it was time to get on the bus to head to Regensburg. 

Another bus ride, another beautiful scenery filled with yellow flowers, windmills, and solar panels all over the country side. But after a few minutes, everyone was asleep. Arrived in Regensburg and once we were off immediately we had to use the restroom. Luckily we were dropped right in front of a public bathroom. However, this is the first one in Germany that was free. The differences between the free restrooms and the 1 Euro restrooms are astronomical. Just the smell turned many people away, my toilet seat was completely broken, and there were no paper towels. Some may say, well yes then pay for a good experience. However, at the end of the day which will you have treasured more the nice 2 minute experience in the 1 Euro restroom, or having 1 Euro in your pocket while saving an extra 30 seconds because you want to run out of the bathroom faster. It all comes down to personal preference.

Public restrooms in Regensburg was not the only thing we were there to learn about. The weather was sunny, a little chilly but I am starting to get used to it. Throughout the tour we saw the town halls, historical buildings, the town square, and the cathedral. It was fascinating to see such an old city that still is being lived in today. America’s history does not go back nearly as far as German history, and to see that people interact everyday with such a rich look into the past was fascinating. We learned that there are many laws protecting these buildings from being renovated or destroyed, making it hard to have big shops along the streets. However, I appreciated the feel of small-town shops. What I found the most interesting about the shops was, the side streets that used to house the poorest people in the city, are now home to some of the more expensive luxury shops in town. 

We finished the tour at the river, where me and Stephanie Ott made friends with a few ducks. Soon it was time to go to the Continental site tour. I had known Continental to be a tire company, however, this site visit proved me wrong. Continental is a tire company but there was no rubber in sight. Continental was different to Hirschvogel in the sense that at Continental, every single machine is autonomous, but at Hirschvogel most machines work side by side with humans. The employees were mainly there to help when something went wrong with the machines. Continental was very organized, it was clean, futuristic, and everything had its place. I guess you could say Continental was running like a well-oiled machine. We finished at Continental and went back to the city of Regensburg for dinner. We walked around the city by ourselves for a bit, got some German chocolate, and headed to Weltenburger for dinner. We had dinner with some of the German students that also went on the company site visit. We had traditional food again and then headed back to Augsburg. 

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