Day 5: Audi World

Today was by far the earliest day we had to wake up for one of our company visits. We had to go all the way to Ingolstadt. What was in Ingolstadt though made the trip completely worth the long bus ride and the early alarm that I might I have hit the snooze button on about three times. Ingolstadt was where the Audi worldwide headquarters were, and throughout the day at the Audi HQ, I felt like I was in a technological fantasy land. We started our company visit with a very intriguing introduction video where I learned where all of the different Audi models were made around the world. For instance, in Ingolstadt, they made the Audi Q2, A3, A4, and A5. Moreover, Belgium is where Audi’s electric cars are being produced.

After watching this intriguing video and being introduced to Audi, we went on a tour around the factory where we saw the production of Audi from the beginning to the end. What amazed me most on the tour of the Audi factory was the precision of these giant robot arms being utilized throughout the whole production process. I have seen videos of similar robots doing this type of work before but seeing them work in real time was an experience like no other for me. What also was so awesome about seeing the manufacturing of these Audi cars was seeing my dream cars, like the Audi RS5, being produced right before my eyes.

Following our great tour of the Audi manufacturing sites, it was time for lunch. For lunch I shockingly again had some more schnitzel but this time it was much more expensive. Later, our group was able to go through the Audi museum which I found to be not that intriguing to be honest. I kind of just felt like I was at an Audi themed car show.

My favorite part of the trip came right after our tour of the Audi museum when Jeff and myself went to the exhibition of Audis that featured the new e-tron. I honestly felt on top of the world being a car that will not even be on American roads until later this year. Also, I was able to sit in an Audi R8. One of Audi’s most prestigious vehicle on the market.

After my 15 minutes of glory sitting in some of the world’s most high-end vehicles, it was time to go to another presentation. At this presentation, I felt like I learned more than anything about one company on this trip so far. I felt like the Audi presentation was definitely more business based which was much more beneficial to me. I learned about how Audi serves in the market of progressive and premium cars with rivals consisting of big auto manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes Benz. I also was able to learn about new products Audi was developing like Audi on demand. Audi on demand serves as a way for current Audi owners to rent Audi cars when traveling to different places across the world. Another interesting thing I learned about Audi was their current target markets depending on geographic location. For example, the American and Chinese markets seem more likely to buy SUVs and bigger cars. In addition, Audi’s research and development people have learned that Audi customers really do not want any spacey or very unique looking cars when it comes to buying cars in the future.

Following our fantastic company visit to Audi, we got back to our hotel around 5:30pm and dinner was once again up to everyone’s choice. I decided to go to Vapiano and enjoyed some delicious lasagna. The lasagna came out piping hot and unfortunately, I could not eat it any faster. After having dinner, I spent my free time doing some quality blogging and decided to get some more quality sleep.

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