Day 6: And as you can see, I work at Faurecia

May 10th, 2019

Surprise, surprise, early morning breakfast at the hotel. Wondering if you were expecting that or not. Dressed in business casual and sipping my latte today we were going to Faurecia. I dressed in my navy blue business casual pants with my maroon blouse. I was ready for the day. 

This was the first time were taking the tram to our site visit, we walked down the street and hoped onto the number 3 streetcar. Fieck knew exactly where he was going which was good because our giant group did not really have any idea. A few minutes on the tram and we are at Faurecia. When we walk up we see it is much smaller than the other site visits that we have been on. To be fair, we had just been to Audi the other day, it is hard to top that.

First item on the to do list was the tour of the Faurecia visit was the tour of the testing area. We did not see where the actually make their products but rather where they check the integrity of their products. We had to dress in a coat made of what seemed to be dryer sheets. We also had to wear steal toe covers over our shoes. To say the least, we looked a little silly. This tour was different than the others in a few different ways, there was no microphone to ear piece tool. It was hard to hear the tour guide, but I could get the basic understanding of what everything did. There were not as many employees working in the center as is the rest of the companies.

Nevertheless, there is always one cool part of each site visit, at Faurecia it was the sound proof room. In order to test the sound that the car makes, to see if there is any issues, they had a sound proof room. Covered floor to ceiling with what looks like big pyramids of cheese, you could have heard a pin drop in this room. There was a treadmill type of apparatus, but for the car. When I looked closer there was a way to extend the length between the tires to customize the testing for each vehicle they are working on. After the sound proof room, we went to their body shop. Where they were actually working on cars. There were only a few cars being worked on and the entire shops was not that big, but it was filled with spare parts. Over in the corner was what looked like a Land Rover, with the company print on it, attempting to disguise the design. I get the effort, but there is some point where we can just tell what it is. 

After the tour, big surprise, it was time for the presentation. The woman that was talking to us was Head of Talent Scouting. She discussed the difference between Faurecia and their competitors. The biggest one that stood out was their branding, Faurecia does not brand on the outside of their products, but their competitors do. A little confusing but they must be doing something right if they are still in business. At the end she told us about the internship and training programs that they have, a little confusion because they are only for Europeans or Master students. However, it was still interesting to see what types of opportunities they have for the future. 

Next, we went to University of Augsburg and ate lunch at the Mensa. Still better than Market Central, it’s not hard to beat but the Mensa does it by miles. We quickly walk over to our Politics lecture after lunch. We were taught about the different branches in the German government and how they interact with each other. I did not know the depth that Germans went in to make sure that everyone was represented somehow. I would say that it seems more complicated than the American government but I’m not sure I could perfectly how that runs either. 

Again, another great day. Thanks blog, see you tomorrow.


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