Day 8: Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

Hi everyone!

It’s Day 8, and our first day in Verona. This morning we left Milan behind and traveled to Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. Verona is absolutely beautiful, even more than Milan in my opinion. We arrived and were able to check in and grab lunch. We miss American food so much that we settled for a fast lunch at McDonalds then explored the area a little. Verona is what I expected Italy to be with the bright old buildings and cobble streets. The only difference between Verona and Milan is that Verona is a slower-paced place and not as crowded. It’s nice to have this break from the busy city though!

We started our itinerary schedule after adjusting to Verona a bit by touring the city. Our hotel seems to be right in the middle of everything, and Verona is small enough that everything is a short walk away. We visited Verona’s arena. It was still in tact even after hundreds of years, and still in use today. The view at the top was also stunning.

Verona is a mix of historic beauty and modern stores. Right across from the huge old arena was a Louis Vuitton, a strange mix but cool nonetheless. We continued walking through the city learning about its history and modern presence. Verona is well-known to be the home of Romeo and Juliet. We even got to see Juliet’s house and her famous balcony. There was a statue there of Juliet where if you rubbed her breast it meant good luck. I didn’t get to rub the statue, but others did! It was really crowded there, but I think my friends and I will go back another time.

The tour ended with a huge castle only a block away from our hotel. The story goes that the King of Verona was hated so much he built himself a huge castle for protection out of fear his people would murder him. The ironic part is he was killed before the castle was completed, but his killer was his own brother who wanted the throne for himself. The castle was really incredible though. We took lots of pictures on the bridge over the water and got our first real look at the entire city. It was a nice wrap-up to my favorite tour so far!

Tomorrow starts the schoolwork.. We have plenty of company visits in our time at Verona. I’m most excited for the design school. It’s a three hour lecture but I think it will be really interesting! We also saw a lot of cool restaurants we want to try, and maybe even a Chinese place. I really really miss food from back home. Signing off for now, ciao!

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