We started our day with our tour of Faurecia. Faurecia is an automotive supplier who makes products consist of exhaust pipes and has parts in one-third of all vehicles on the road today. All we had to do to get to Faurecia was take an Augsburg street car which was a nice change of pace compared to the long bus rides. While on our tour of Faurecia, I did not have the same feeling touring the facility like I did with the other companies. While there were some cool sites on the tour such as the soundproof room, where they tested the sounds of their exhaust pipes, there was not much work going on inside of the plant. In fact, a couple of fellow students spotted some of the workers of Faurecia using Buzzfeed while on the job.

Although the tour was not all it was cracked up to be, I felt that there was a pretty informative presentation that followed. At this presentation, I also got to have my first Bavarian Pretzel with butter which was absolutely delicious and now I totally understand why Kiesha always puts it on her pretzels. Anyway, some important information I took away from the Faurecia presentation was that they are not just in the automotive industry, they also supply for other industries such as John Deere’s and Boats. Faurecia also is making many strides towards becoming 100% environmentally friendly by doing their own projects and investing in start-up companies to help combat our serious climate change problems. While I think this is a great thing for Faurecia to do for its Corporate Social Responsibility, I think they are missing the picture that when the company goes green their number one product (exhaust pipes) will cease to be sold. In conclusion, Faurecia is a good company for right now, but they could be in huge trouble in the future if goals for zero emissions are hit. Another weird thing about Faurecia that I did not like was that they said there was no correct way to pronounce their name. In my opinion, this tells me that Faurecia truly lacks a workplace identity.

After our unique tour of Faurecia, we traveled back by streetcar to the University of Augsburg where we were given some free time to eat and do whatever else we pleased. I spent my free time at the University by once again getting my hands on the wonderful Chicken Curry from the University of Augsburg Mensa which again is still better than any dish from Market Central. I spent the rest of my free time napping because I felt quite exhausted for some reason. When our free time was up, it was time for a German Politics lecture. In this lecture, Dr. Sebastian Gebler, a University of Augsburg professor, basically compared the United States and German political systems and trends. One of the key things Dr. Gebler highlighted was the representation of each German state in the government, which seemed very similar to the electoral college the United States has. Another key thing Dr. Gebler highlighted was the fact that the two main houses of the German Parliament, the Bundesrat and Bundestag, were similar to the US Congress’ sections of the House and Senate. Dr. Gebler also talked in depth about the rise of a far-right party that is gaining power in Germany. It is ironic that almost the exact opposite is taking place in the United States today.

Following the German politics lecture, I went back to my hotel room exhausted and took a four-hour nap. When I woke up after such a long nap I was starving and needed food fast. Considering these circumstances, I felt it was best to finally try the McDonalds near our hotel since I made it a goal to eat at a McDonalds in every I visit throughout my life. At McDonald’s, I had a simple Big Mac Meal. However, the quality of this meal was much higher than one in back in the states. I think the cause of this is due to the higher restaurant quality and cleanliness standards in Europe. After my great McDonald’s meal, I decided to do some blogging and later went to bed ready to see Munich.

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