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Today we visited Howth, a small fishing village east of Dublin. We enjoyed a seafood lunch and walked around the local market. Our advisors took us there by bus and DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) and then we had free time for the rest of the day. A group of us visited IMMA (Ireland Museum of Modern Art) and then walked around Grafton Street.

Throughout this trip, our group has mostly traveled together with our advisors navigating the directions. Although if I had to travel on my own to these places I would be confident. Today we took the bus and then the DART to get to Howth. Smartphones and google maps make it super easy to get around Ireland. I always make sure to be alert as to where I am when I’m traveling and how the bus systems work. You never know when something could go wrong and your phone is missing or/and you’re all alone. I keep a portable charger in my purse and a map of Dublin– even when I am traveling with a group.

If I was traveling alone to this area I would make sure to:

  1. Research the area and figure out the best way to get to Howth.
  2. Understand the bus systems and DART
  3. Download google maps and download the directions to have offline.
  4. Bring a portable charger
  5. Keep a map of Dublin and Howth in my purse
  6. Always keep cash and card with you. (important if you need to load more money on your bus pass)
  7. Talk to locals and ask for help if needed

It is important to be as prepared as possible for anything out of the ordinary to happen while traveling. We never thought our Dublin flight would be cancelled or that we would get stuck in Charlotte. Many things can go wrong while traveling but if you’re prepared you can actually start to enjoy when plans take a turn in a different direction. My travel experience on this trip has taught me that you can never be too prepared. Even though I have traveled a decent amount I realized after our flight cancellation to Dublin that you should always be prepared to expect the unexpected. I took for granted that we can always just get a flight the next day if our flight gets cancelled–but because we were traveling in such a large group, we were stuck in Charlotte for a couple days. From now on I will make sure to bring extra clothes in my carry on to be prepared if I get stranded. After this trip, I know it is best to always expect a bump in the road.

After we traveled to Howth with Chris and Liz, a group of us visited the Ireland Museum of Modern Art (IMMA). I was confident while I travel to IMMA without our advisors because I had come so prepared and I am used to traveling a foreign city by myself. One of my goals while in Ireland was to visit this museum because I had a couple people recommend it to me. This museum was definitely out of the ordinary and the outside was gorgeous as you can see from my featured picture of this blog post. I really enjoyed exploring more of Dublin today. We even met someone from Pittsburgh that was working at the museum. Also, earlier that day while we were traveling to Howth I was sitting near someone that was also from Pittsburgh! It is exciting to hear about success stories of people from my hometown, that are living in a foreign country because it inspires, even more than before, to travel in the future and embrace the ambiguity. You never know what will happen or who you’ll meet along the way!

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