Day 6: Not what I was hoping for, but oh well

Today I woke up at 7:50 am and went downstairs to get breakfast like usual.  But this was not just any other day. Unlike the previous mornings, I was freaking out because today was my company visit, and I needed to make sure we got all the info we needed for our presentation. After breakfast, we headed to Königsplatz. From Königsplatz, we went to the company visit, which was Faurecia. After having done a few company visits, I know to have my passport or my driver’s license handy. Nothing was different at Faurecia. Considering this is one of their biggest locations, high security was expected.

We walked into a conference room where we dropped off our things. We then received a tour of the facility, which left a lot to be desired. The size of the facility was small and paled in comparison to companies we has visited earlier. Hirschvogel, Continental, and Audi all were enormous compared to Faurecia. We also couldn’t take pictures of this facility due to security concerns.

During the tour, one of the computers screens displayed the derivation of kinematic equations. For those who are not aware, those are the simplest equations a student learns in Physics 1. I can’t say I was expecting to see them today, and I was hoping the guide would give an explanation. To gather information for our presentation, we asked questions of the tour guide, and thankfully he answered them well.  I saved all the economic questions for the next lecture. After the tour, we had acquired some of the needed info, but I still felt like we didn’t get enough. We got back to the room and started the second session. The woman who spoke was the acquisition manager in charge of hiring all the talent. She ran through all her slides super quickly, just reading off them, and I was barely able to take good notes.

Throughout the course of the lecture, a lot of what she was saying did not make any sense. One of the things she mentioned was that there is no specific way to pronounce “Faurecia”, so therefore lot of people don’t know about the company since there is no name recognition. She said it like she was proud of it, which did not make any sense to me. The future of the company may be in doubt too. The transportation industry is slowing moving towards electrification. Their main selling item, exhaust systems, are not in as much demand, and they did not appear concerned. They are instead focusing on a section of transportation involving more gasoline and fuel intake such as boats, and buses. In addition to that, she sometimes got mad when we asked certain questions, and she didn’t entirely know the answers to some that we asked. To top it off, after about 20 minutes of questions, she just stopped the entire presentation and ended the session.  

Two random people even gave us speeches about programs which we could not even take part in. One of the programs is geared for European undergraduate students, and the other would require taking an exam in German and passing.

When we were walking out to take a picture, the German students, who must write a 25-page overview of the company, said they were baffled at the idea of how to write such a long essay on the little information we were given. Some of our instructors were walking out shaking their heads not believing what just took place as well.

The Faurecia Group

After the company visit, we headed over to The University of Augsburg to have lunch and hear a presentation about politics. The food was once again delicious. I do not have a photo of the food, but I had chicken with gravy, mezzo mix, and pasta. I was very sad though because my backpack ripped, and I am concerned about it tearing further as the trip progresses.

I hope I can fix this.

After lunch was over, we learned about German politics. I personally found this boring. I’m not a big fan of American politics, so my boredom was just amplified. My group for the final presentation got together and worked out an outline for who was going do what. It only took 15 minutes, and we already found plenty of ways to poke some fun at Faurecia.

Ravi and I then went out shopping at H&M and had a lot of fun looking around. There I purchased a pair of sunglasses that I love wearing every time I have ice cream. As you can see in the next photos, I look like a “total baller”. For that matter, so does Ravi. We then headed for dinner at a place called Picnic, a cafe and restaurant in Augsburg.

Ravi and I trying on cool sunglasses.
Lookin’ good!

After our little excursion, we solidified the best bromance later that night by going to get ice cream after dinner. We started off with our favorite flavor, Rocky Road, and then we met up with some friends. We even encountered our other good friends Arielle and Dr. Feick. Overall, we had a good night. Thank you!!!!

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