Day 7 – Munich I Will be Back!

May 11th, 2019

Munich here we come! I was so excited to visit Munich to see what it was really like. It’s the largest city in Bavaria so I knew it wouldn’t be like Augsburg. We had planned to take the train and the leave hotel around 9. We ran a few minutes behind so we had to hussle to the train station which is only about a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel. On the walk there we were all using our umbrellas and rain coats because it was really gross out. I was hoping it would clear up by the time the train ride was over! Right before walking to the tracks, most of us bought some coffee from the McDonald’s in the train station. The McDonald’s here, which I would never think, were also different with a bunch of different breakfast items and fancy espresso machines! We rode to the last stop right into center of the city so the train ride was about 45 minutes. 

Walking through the Mariosplatz which is the Main Street we saw so many people compared too every other city. There were large groups, and Sonja said that a lot of the groups are bachelor or bachelorette parties. To begin, we had a guided tour that started on the center of the city in new town hall. The tour was supposed to last around 2 hours. Here are some of the fun facts I learned……

  • Sals = salt
  • The monk statue is everywhere in Munich, much like the acorns are all over the buildings in Augsburg
  • In World War II 80% of the city center was destroyed
  • Built new city hall after 400 years bc city wasn’t growing
  • White asparagus is in season this time of year and in order to make sure it doesn’t turn green they have to harvest it everyday 
  • The May pole was used for farmers to know when harvest started 
  • 6 million visitors from all over come and visit Oktoberfest
  • The theater built by King Maximillian is one of the best opera houses in Europe 
  • Ludwig the 1st was most important king for Germany 

During the tour the winds picked up and the rain slowly started again. This was a bummer because our free time was just starting. The whole group decided to go to the Original HB haus for lunch because it looked so fun on the tour. I got original veal sausages and sweet mustard. They were great!!!! It was fun getting to eat with everybody as a whole group as well as with some of the German students! Each day a few different German students join us wherever we are going and it is always switching. This is nice to ensure that we get the chance to meet everyone!

After lunch we decided to go back to the market we saw on our tour to possibly buy some strawberries and cheese! At this point it had started getting chilly again so we didn’t want to be outside too long. We headed back to our meeting point in Marienplatz. While walking back we saw an odd amount of police officers than just normal security. As we waited for a few more minutes, more and more police gathered as well as people with posters and signs. Just after that a large group of protesters entered the Marienplatz center. Then a counter protest began gathering. The two sides were pro choice and pro life. We were very unsure of the laws in Germany regarding this topic, but we just assumed because there was so much debate that abortion is available easily here. We didn’t hang around the center for long because it started getting rowdy, so we headed to the restaurant a little closer to the train station

The restaurant was called Hans im Glück and it was a burger grill. we were all exhausted from walking around 9 miles total today, so people were basically falling asleep at the table. Jess and I decided to get two burgers and share! We split an avocado burger as well as a burger with brie and pesto. Yet again, dinner was delicious!

After such a long day, we finally head back to the train station. We left at 8:03 from Munich and stopped in Augsburg around 9!

I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and sit down after so much walking, and tomorrow we had another long tour ahead of us!

Tomorrow: Dachau labor camp visit, then blogs and group work

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