Day 9: Trip to Estancia

Today we went on our cultural excursion which was a trip to the Estancia Don Silvano. It was really nice to get away from the city for a day and see what rural culture is like in Argentina. Not to mention today was a great way to see the history we learned during our culture lecture in real life. Before coming to Argentina, I didn’t have a lot of knowledge of their history. Most specifically, I did not realize that the country had a great rural history of ranches and Gauchos. When we arrived at the ranch, I was surprised by the nature surrounding it. Being in the city all week I had not expected to see so much open land as we did today in this area called Las Palmas. Although the ranch had a tourist like feel we were still able to learn about its history and how it became a popular place to visit.

Our first stop after arrival was receiving empanadas for a quick snack. I have a gluten allergy and the workers were so accommodating and cooked me special empanadas, so I was still able to experience this important part of their culture. Next, we took a tour where the history of the ranch and also the gaucho lifestyle was explained. This was really interesting because I never realized its influence on the way the country gained their independence. My favorite part of the day was the gaucho show. I had never seen something like this before and loved watching the traditional games that are so important to Argentina’s history.

More importantly today was Mother’s Day. I am sad that I was unable to spend the day celebrating with my mom, but so grateful that I can acknowledge I am only having this experience because of her. My mom has always been the first person I turn to for advice and help. She has always pushed me to explore new opportunities and try to find the best version of myself. To me this is what study abroad is all about and I am so happy I was given the opportunity to come on this adventure.

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