Estancia Tursitica

Before I even started my freshman year at Pitt I knew I was going to apply for Plus3 Study Abroad. In my admitted student’s day presentations, it sounded like the perfect fit for me especially because I was on the swim team at Pitt and wouldn’t be able to take more than two weeks off of training in the summer. So once I was able to I applied and was offered a spot to attend the Argentina program that had a focus on healthcare management.

One of the things I was most excited for in Argentina was learning about the culture. This is something that I have definitely accomplished after today. We took a day trip to Estancia Turistica Don Silvano. This was a ranch where we got to see lots of animals, take a carriage ride, and watch a show of traditional gauchos. In the middle of all of this was a fantastic traditional Argentine barbecue where people from all over the world were in attendance. There was a phenomenal singer who was from Argentina but able to sing in different languages and take song requests from people sitting at tables from different countries. After the singing there was dancing and we all got up for a very short tango lesson from the dancers. The food stuffed us as it was 4 courses. On top of this at the end of the day they gave us even more dessert! This dessert was served with the traditional matte which tasted much better than I expected, in fact I actually really enjoyed it.

I would like to shoutout my mom on this Mother’s Day for being one of the best people ever. I would like to thank her for having more patience than anyone that I’ve ever known, which is absolutely necessary in raising three girls like me and my sisters. She is also extremely hardworking, and I do not know how she has been able to juggle it all. Being a lawyer she has long work days and then comes home and cooks and helps my little sister get everything she needs together. She also is pretty much always willing to help anyone that asks and puts a lot of time towards thinking about others. I hope when I am older I am as kind, beautiful, smart, and hardworking as Debra Hatter. I love you mom and I hope you had a wonderful day!

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