Galway and the Cliffs

Prior to going into the amazing adventure to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher. I wanted to touch base on the promised experience of the tours in which the Ireland Tourism website stated a focus on international visitors, Americans, and twice as many Chinese tourists. Additionally, my previous knowledge came from movies such as Harry Potter and Leap Year.

Fortunately, for the movies, the cliffs resonated far better than they showcased in picture. While the danger aspect was far worse in person. I feel that not have railing by the cliffs is a engineering, liability, and safety nightmare. All it takes is 1 person shoving by or 1 trip and you are dead. The railing would not impede any view of the cliffs as you can lean over just as you normally would. However, I do believe they did so due to a rock railing formation having collapsed. If railing were installed, people would lean against it and if it fell, then the tourism Ireland would be liable.

This however, is bad for American tourists. As we focus on safety heavily. Also, the payment networks in the tourism areas do not support primary American payment companies like Discover and American Express.

Instead, a focus on Chinese tourists is prevalent. Thus the doubling Chinese tourists goal is obvious. They have installed Union Pay as a primary network in Ireland, which allows all Chinese payment methods to be supported. They have also installed QR payment networks like Alipay throughout the tourism areas, and even on the vending machines in our hotel.

Great experience overall though. I loved the tour guides and other aspects of this trip greatly!

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