First day in Gyeongju

Today we traveled from Seoul to Gyeongju, the old capitol of the Silla Kingdom. The trip took 6 hours and in that time we stopped at several rest stops. These rest stops are nothing like the ones in America with fast food everywhere in a very busy area. In Korea, they have large complexes filled with coffee shops, street food, and rest areas. At one stop there was a small outdoor gym that doubled as a playground. If America used these kinds of rest areas, I think the long drives would be much more comfortable.

Gyeongju is an extremely historic city filled with world heritage sites. However, it is still a prospering city with a lot to do. In fact, just outside of our hotel is a lake with swan boats and other water activities as well as an entire amusement park. With the few hours we had left in the day, we went to that amusement park which is called Gyeongju world. I’m actually a rollercoaster fanatic so I was excited to see what an amusement park looked like in South Korea. The only main differences I could find were more picture zones as well as no photos are taken during the ride to sell after. We went on the Dragon otherwise called the 드래켄 . This ride has 90 degree drops and actually hangs you over the edge on the first drop for a few seconds.

The view outside the hotel
The 드래켄

After the amusement park, I went to dinner with a small group. We found a popular late night dinner place that specialized in kimbap or Korean sushi. I was surprised by how large each of the pieces were but I remembered that Dr. Yun told us that we have to finish each piece in one bite so we had to do that.

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