Howth I Travel

The trip to Howth was great. A amazing journey to see the coast of Dublin after having seen the coast by Galway. The trip was relatively straightforward, as we met early downstairs then departed as a group taking public transport and walking.

I greatly enjoyed the trip as it gave us the opportunity to see a new part of Ireland and experience a new group of people!

When it comes to navigation. I currently am a Trusted Tester with the Google Maps team. While it’s a breach of NDA to show details of navigation. I’ve had the opportunity of utilizing their Augmented Reality navigation which overlays the directions over the cameras live feed while walking. Additionally, Google has integrated well with Dublin’s transport system showing live updates and the crowded levels of the bus system. All I would do to navigate is put in “Howth” and hit “Start” to navigate from any browser or Google Maps.

As you can see above, many options easily appear with accuracy supplied by Google. Fare prices and alternative transport methods are provided as well. With Google directly connecting to My Taxi, Uber, and Lyft for transport as well.

Additionally, I’ve worked on the travelling salesman problem in Computer Science. And had to build a navigation solution that looks at every possible route between 2 points and selects the fastest based on differing costs of time between pathways.

I would not be nervous navigating as I understand how things work at the pattern level and underlying pathway level to modern navigation. Additionally, being a 6 foot white male, I am not worried to be on my own when navigating a city. As I’ve lived in cities my entire life being from LA and from Pittsburgh and soon Hong Kong where I plan to move after college. Also, focusing on being polite, kind, and non-confrontational, I’d be unlikely to run into issues with anyone with malice. As I’d just give them my belongings since those are replaceable.

To prepare for these potential bumps, I’d have my phone charger, battery pack, and using dual Sims I’d have coverage. As Google Fi provides access to 3 carrier networks at once and selected the best in-country partner at the time to connect to. While my TMobile Sim is now Vodaphone Ireland.

I’ve learned throughout this experience, that I prefer travelling alone. I enjoy being able to listen to music, stare at the passerby, find my own way, and occasionally get lost (intentionally, by turning off my phone or guessing directions instead of Googling them). As for work, I’ve travelled to Denver, San Fransisco, Mountain View, New York, New Jersey, and a few other locations alone.

While I do certainly enjoy going as a group, I prefer more compartmentalized groups as well. Often though, I have had to travel far with groups of co-workers and class mates and it has been enjoyable. I’ve loved NYC and DC for school. While Denver and SF with groups as well. While 1 on 1 with a friend I’ve enjoyed NYC, LA, Philly, and soon with current friends in China.

At Howth I absolutely loved the market, I was able to buy my bff jewelery to surprise her with when I meet her in China in just 2 weeks for my trip alone to China for my first trip to Asia. Amazing market, by far my favorite shopping experience and fun street market experience as well! Thanks!

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