Day 8: The Best Sunday

Today was the best day of our trip. We got a full day of rest at the beautiful ranch of Estancia. It was the perfect fall day and it could not have been a better place to relax. Although our first week was very busy and hectic with lectures and site visits, this day made it all worth it.

Throughout the week, we did not experience much of the country’s culture, but today, we got to experience real empanadas, a lot of Spanish, traditional dancing, and Gaucho games all today. The empanadas that we had throughout the week were nothing to what we had today. The tour guide kept warning us that they are very juicy. And let me just say, they were indeed. However, they were the most delicious empanadas I have had this week. After this breakfast, we had free time which allowed us to soak up the sun, explore, and just hang out with each other. Just sitting on the bench in the sun has taken all of my exhaustion out of me and just let me relax in the quietness. After that, we had lunch with all of the tourists that were at the ranch. There was a singer who sang traditional Argentinian songs as well as songs from all over the world to represent the countries of the tourists. I was so surprised when he sang one of my favorite songs from Japan. I have been a musician for all of my life, and when he sang songs from so many different countries, I was reminded that music is a universal language. After his performance, there were many different dances that were performed. We finally got to see tango dancing and people were able to dance along. It was such a neat experience. The last activity we had was watching the Gaucho games. The guys on the horses were our waiters for lunch and it was so interesting to see them compete in different games.  Before leaving, we had a quick snack and I finally enjoyed drinking mate for the first time. I am a tea lover and this was one of the best teas I have had. I truly enjoyed this day.

Today also was Mother’s Day. Mom, if you’re reading this, you are the BEST. Thank you for all you do and supporting me in all of my endeavors. Without you, I would not be here in Argentina or have any cool experiences I have had in my life. I cannot wait to see you in a week!

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