Howth to get to and from..

Today we were able to explore Howth, Ireland, which is a small fishing town on the west coast. We ate fresh seafood at a local restaurant and explored the markets and lighthouse in this coastal city. To get to Howth, Liz, Chris and April helped us acquire public transport. I have spent a proportion of my last four summers exploring the central and eastern cities of Europe and have used the public infrastructure available to me out of the need to be cost effective.

The difficulty of navigating a city depends on the country. My experience in Vienna, Austria with the public transportation system was impeccable. I understand that their transportation system is one of the best in the world. The time I spent in Germany was more challenging than in Austria. I believe that was due to the more spread out nature of the city of Berlin. I was also completely unfamiliar with the city and due to the language barrier, I was unable to ask locals for direction. In Dublin, I have found the public transportation system to be very accessible, but I have preferred walking. So far, I have really enjoyed how small Dublin is and the ability to stretch my legs and seeing the difference between neighborhoods.

That being said, the free wifi that is available on the public transportation system in Dublin has made navigating the city very manageable. All of the bus stops have estimates for how long each bus will take to get to each stop, and you never need to wait for more than 10 minutes. This makes transportation in Dublin very accessible and not intimidating. As long as you have a device that has has wifi capability, I think that this city has done it’s part to make traveling very manageable. The biggest lesson I have learned from this trip in regard to traveling has been to remain adaptable. Even when facing setbacks and unexpected situations, its important to look at the bigger picture and see what you can still make out of a situation that is not ideal.

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