Little Village of Howth

Today we took a trip to Howth, Ireland. Howth is an Irish village east of Dublin. When we got there, we stopped at a little market to shop and then got lunch at a really delicious seafood restaurant. After lunch, we walked to the pier and saw some amazing sites! It was such a beautiful little town that was super easy to navigate through once we got there. 

Getting there is not as easy to navigate. We took the bus to the train and then took the train to Howth. The transit system is the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART). We did not have to get there on our own because our advisors were there to guide us. If we had to navigate our way to Howth independently, we could have definitely done it, but it would have taken some researching beforehand. The bus system is not too hard to use. The only difficulty is the fact that they drive on the other side of the street; so, the bus picks you up on the left side of the street instead of the right like in Pittsburgh. I would have researched the fasted way to get to Howth using maps on my phone. I then would have looked up the bus stops and which direction they go. Today at the train station, I saw that there was a board with the DART train stops on it and it showed which way they go. I would have used that to find the right train to get on. A potential issue that we could have run into if navigating by ourselves would be getting on the wrong bus or train. If that would have happened, I would have taken a deep breath and used my maps on my phone or asked someone in the vicinity to help get us back on track. I would address the situation and make sure everyone is aware. But that is why we do research beforehand to stop these issues before they happen. 

Travelling is not as easy as it may seem. I have learned a lot about being independent in travelling through this trip so far. One lesson I have learned from this trip is to always have an open mind and to be positive when things do not go as planned. Obviously, we did not plan to be in Charlotte for 3 days instead of Ireland but being able to be adaptable is what got us through the unfortunate situation. Other lessons I have learned would be appreciating the simple things and to not worry so much. Everything will work out in the end! 

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