So Much Moher to See in Ireland

Today we visited the Cliffs of Moher and Galway. During our time in Ireland I feel that it has been very obvious that we are tourists no matter where we go. We stand out as tourists because we constantly stop to take photos, walk in large groups, and our accents.

Tourism Ireland is a website that focuses on marketing events, places, and activities to do while in Ireland. The United States is their second largest source market to drive visitors to come to Ireland. Based on the website they mentioned many of the places that we have visited so far, but there are also many places that I have never heard of before. The Cliffs of Moher and Galway are two common places that many tourists go to. While we were at both places I noticed a variety of different people that were visiting since they were acting very similar to us and many people had different accents.

I have really enjoyed my time in Ireland so far and I would definitely recommend other people to come and visit. I would personally also like to come back to visit again in the near future. Ireland is different than any other place I have visited before. There are so many sites to see, tours to go on, and breathtaking views. Ireland has so much to offer and I would encourage people to come and visit whether it is for study aboard to just to travel with family or friends.

Prior to coming to Ireland there was a list of things I had in mind of what I would like to do based on what others told me and what I saw on social media. After our flight got cancelled I was upset because I thought I was going to miss out on many of the things I wanted to see and do since our time was cut short. So far we have been using up every free minute we are given to explore more of Dublin. There are still many places I have not seen yet that I am hoping to visit throughout our next week in Dublin. If I had another week in Ireland I would like to spend more time in Galway. I felt that we have been trying to fit a lot in within a short amount of time resulting in us spending less or rushing through some of places we have visited so far. Overall we have seen and done a lot, but I would have liked to stay at some places longer to explore more. In addition, I would research other places to visit in Ireland that are further away and possibly spend the night at those places in order to experience more of Ireland rather than just staying Dublin. Ireland has so much to offer and I am looking forward to visiting and exploring more places over the next week.

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