Surfing in Munich, Germany! (Day 7)

By: Nicholas Erni May 12th

Once again an early start. I feel as if this “early start thing”, is a trend that tends to be repeating itself.

Munich Train Station

After breakfast we headed out to the train station. This was a short 5 minute walk from the hotel. We arrived to the station and I decided to get some McDonalds iced coffee due to the fact I was running on about 6 hours of sleep a night. These Mcdonalds that are scattered around Germany and pretty much identical to those in America. The only difference is the fact they are a bit more modern but that’s beside the point. The coffee tasted no different from its American counterpart. If I had to rate the coffee it would get a 6.5/10.

We all boarded one of the slow trains. Surprisingly to everyone this was my first time on a train ever. Honestly I felt as if it was a lot down. There was nothing special about it, it was just like a faster tram car. But the thing about the trains that was cool was when we arrived in the Munich translation. The translation was huge. I couldn’t count all the stores and train departing and arriving ports. It had the atmosphere of a very dirty mall in America.

After we arrived we went straight to the Marienplatz. This is the center of Munich and is the home of the town hall, where the mayor and other government officials do their work. This building was unique just like many of the other buildings we’ve seen throughout Germany. The details amongst them all is extravagant and the features, especially in the downhill, are unique. The town hall had this little play that would show when the clock struck a new hour. Large figurines would spin around a carousel; the best part of the play was when the one knight knocked the other of his horse.

Munich Town Hall

From the town hall we went on our personal tour of Munich. We stopped at a multitude of landmarks throughout the city. We stopped at a traditional market that caught the eye of many of the students. The fruit, vegetables, and meats were all so fresh and one could only let their mouth water in that moment. After the market we went through the small streets and say plenty of nice houses and stores. We stopped at the famous Hofbrauhaus. ‘This is a prime destination for tourists, which was quite easy to see when nearly half of the people in there were speaking English. Something the bar did there that was unlike others in America, was the fact you could keep your beer bottle/ mug at the bar. The tour guide noted that the waiting list is incredibly long, due to the fact the little cubbies are passed down from generation to generation. After looking at some of the previous kings extremely large homes and palaces, we went to an extremely large garden that featured my favorite part of the day, well get back to that later. The garden was actually the place the king would go hunting, this is due to the fact that the garden was so stocked with animals there was no way he would leave without a kill.

From here the personal tour was pretty much over. So we split up into groups and all ended up the Hofbrauhaus hilariously. Here I tried some Veal sausages. The sausage was very different from American sausage as it was white… I paired it with a pretzel. Personally I was not a fan of this meal as it made my stomach hurt, so id give this meal a 5/10, it was a let down. After lunch, the groups actually did split up, Maxi was in my group so he definitely was a help in getting to and from places.  

Hofbrauhaus Symbol in the entry

The first place I went to look at in our free time was the Garden, where the famous Eisenbach is located. The Eisenbach is one of the most famous rivers in Germany, as it is the primary spot for the landlocked surfers to surf. I had actually watched videos on the river before I even knew I was going to Germany. It was featured on one of my favorite surfing youtube series, “Weird Waves” by Vans. The show is essentially one of Vans’ professional surfers touring the world and going to weird waves and trying them out. Due to the fact the wave is still and has so much energy, it is extremely hard to ride and that proved itself when I saw it in person. Each rider had to jump onto their board, with one small error in footing they would be flipped off the board. There were some good riders and as well some bad. I was impressed with a kid with a yellow globe board, he was ripping up the river and would not be surprised if he was sponsored by the local surf shop. I’m still debating if I want to try to surf it on my free day next Friday, well see…

Me chilling with my fellow other surfers

The river was hard to beat for me, but climbing the St. Peters tower was a solid second for things I had seen in the day. We climbed to the top of the tower, going up 300 something steps, I don’t know the exact number. The trip up this tower was exhausting and unlike American towers because all of ours have elevators. The views from the top were spectacular, you could see all of munich and its older architecture as well as the alps slightly through the fog of the day.

View from the St. Peters tower

We then had to rush back to the fountain where we were supposed to meet at 5:30. To our surprise there was some type of protest occurring so there we like 30 police or so. We got out of this area as fast as possible and went to the restaurant. We ate a place called Hans im Glueck Isarpost. It was very different from the places we had generally eaten at as a group, it was very American like. The design in the building was very attractive, they actually had fake trees from the ground to the roof all throughout the restaurant. We pretty much all ordered burgers, once again I didn’t enjoy the food too much. Frank and I gave the burger a one bite rating of about  5.5/10.

With half of the students eyes closing at the table we made our way back to the train station. We went on an hour bus ride back to Augsburg.

When we arrived at the hotel I put my head on my pillow and fell asleep instantly. That’s why i’m writing this blog a day later.

The car of the day goes to a Rolls Royce truck, it was one of the 5 or so I’ve seen in person. The picture also shows a Mercedes AMG that was beautiful as well.

Line of beautiful cars

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