Operation: Gyeongju World (May 11)

Yet another early morning here in Seoul, but our long bus ride to Gyeongju made up for it. It was a five-hour bus ride through the mountainous regions of South Korea. We essential drove from the north if the country to the southeastern territory. The drive itself was very uneventful. I slept for the first half of the ride, and then played a tour hour long game of war with Tilman. We each bet 500 won, or 50 cents, on the game. I lost, so I must budget my money more efficiently now.

We finally made it to Gyeongju, and, to our surprise, there was an amusement park in right next to the hotel called Gyeongju World. We immediately dropped our stuff of in our new hotel and ran across the street to ride some roller coasters. The park was medieval themed, so all the rides were about dragons, knights, and stuff like that. My favorite ride was called The Darken. It was like a normal coaster, but once the car reached the top it stops briefly, and then accelerates down the drop, going up to forty mile an hour! The park had many other classic rides, like the Viking ship and the teacups.

After we were tired out, we bought some cotton candy in the shape of animals, which looked very cool. I ordered a bear because it looked like the Chicago Cub’s mascot. We then rode the Ferris Wheel to get a glimpse of the view of the city. It was fantastic! The area is surrounded by mountains and lakes, and the town and park were lit up with a bunch of neon lights. Truly incredible. We then decide to finish the day off in a relaxing manner. We went to a Dominoes and ordered a bulgogi pizza and a potato pizza, which were pretty good (for being Dominoes). We then watched Steve Martins Pink Panther and called it a full day.

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