I want Moher of Ireland

Hello! Today was a very busy day in Ireland. We essentially hit the hottest tourist spots all in one day! Good thing our coach bus was comfortable, and everyone kept napping every other minute.

At 6am, bright and early we hit Cliffs of Moher which were an indescribable experience. The weather was absolutely perfect and the cliffs were just so insanely beautiful. No pictures can justify it.

Then we went to Galaway, Ireland which was also amazing. The vibe was amazing, and I wish America had more spots like this. The buildings were all medieval and something you don’t see everyday. The best part was the live music: the musicians there were very talented and 100% better than most pop stars. Overall, I think Galway is one of the best places I’ve ever visited!

At night time, we walked around The Temple Bar area, which is also a hot spot in Ireland.

After today, it is safe to say I’ve been to at least half of Ireland’s top attractions and I highly recommend anyone visiting the county, especially the West coast. The Cliffs and Galaway are so unique to Ireland and you can’t find anything like that anywhere else.

The best part is that everyone is so friendly. I don’t know how it’s possible!! Everyone treats each other like friends, and the concept of strangers is not really a thing here.

Looking at the official tourist website for Ireland (https://www.tourismireland.com), the marketing fits the experience I’ve had so far. They focus on making sure more tourists come to the country, especially from specific countries such as China.

The United States is the second largest source market, after Great Britain in terms of visitor numbers. I can see this because I’ve had so many friends come to Dublin an Ireland within the past year!

Overall, if I had one more week I would try to visit more of the country side and small towns like Galaway and Howth. I’ve grown up near a big city and always visit NYC, but the rich history behind smaller towns are what I like. I also love nature and so I would love to visit sites like the Cliffs. I also would love to visit Northern Ireland.

Maybe it’s the people I’m with, but this trip has been unforgettable so far and I highly recommend visiting Ireland atleast once in your lifetime due its rich history and kind people.

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