Day 6: This smog is so bad!

Today started with breakfast as always but this time I had almost only banana bread and apple juice since everything else was tasting kind of funky at the time. After breakfast, we loaded the bus and headed off to the terra-cotta warriors. Upon arriving, we were immediately overwhelmed by people wanting to take pictures with us which was hilarious as always. When we finally escaped our “paparazzi”, we went to explore one of the historical museum rooms with some intact terra-cotta warriors. This was amazing to me, seeing all the history was breathtaking.

The next stop was pit three, one of the three pits where terra-cotta warriors were excavated. This pit was primarily empty other than a few broken soldiers and horses. This was so amazing to see and at that point I had no idea what was still in store. Next, we went to pit two which was easily the smallest of the three pits, but it had a large number of soldiers, horses, and generals. The final stop was pit one, which was the largest of the pits and easily the most recognizable section. It was way more amazing then any picture I’ve seen online could ever portray. Originally it was hard for me to believe there were about 8000 terra-cotta soldiers but after seeing this pit I had no doubts, I was amazed.

The funnies part was pushing to the front of the railing and having little Asian ladies pushing me around. The crowds were so dense but being tall really is a bonus in china since everyone here is extremely short.

Following our visit of the terra-cotta warriors, we went off to lunch at a wonderful western-style buffet. It was really funny seeing what the Chinese though American food looks like. To put it into perspective, the macaroni wasn’t even macaroni. It was more of a pasta and the potato salad tasted more like potatoes with ketchup on them. Although the Xi’an burger and ramen from that place was fantastic. The final part of the day was riding bikes on the Xi’an city wall. The bad part about this is that there was a dust storm not far from our location, so we had to wear masks and sunglasses.

Although, other than the terrible weather, biking the wall was quite beautiful. It was nine miles of biking and walking and every section was very similar but at the same time equally impressive and gorgeous. After this long biking trip, my legs definitely feel a little stronger. Another fun part about biking was starting out way ahead of everyone then eventually burning out and ending up in the same group as everyone. This was definitely not made to be a sprint. To end the day, I packed up all of my belongings and got ready to head off to Shanghai. Xi’an was even better than Beijing!

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