Day 7- Terra Cotta Warriors and City Wall Biking

Our last day in Xi’an! I’m bummed to leave this city tomorrow but I’m so excited to see Shanghai. 

Today we had an early start to our day so we could get to the Terra Cotta Warriors before it got too crowded. Even with our early arrival it was still super crowded, the people were also very aggressive! I didn’t like that. When we first arrived we had to walk along a beautiful pathway to get to the where the warriors were. As we were walking we got a wonderful view of the mountains through the fog, it was really cool! There were four different sections that we visited, first we went into a museum type thing with a lot of different statues and descriptions of what each represented. Following that we went to the first section where the warriors were. It seemed as though they were still digging in this section but Dr. Li informed us that they stopped searching until they have advanced enough technology to uncover them safely. There are still about 4000 Terra Cotta Warriors still buried with about 1500 already found. Our tour guide, Kevin, shared a story about a German tourist who dressed up as a warrior and pretended to be one of the warriors by standing in line with them, many people fell for and when he started moving, they thought the warriors were coming to life!

After this we went to a really good buffet style lunch. This was a different style than what I’ve gotten used to in China with the lazy susan. They even had some ramen and traditional Chinese burgers which were super yummy!

horses in the back

Following lunch we traveled back into the city for our bike ride on the city wall of Xi’an! This was definitely not the best day for a bike ride… there was a sand storm and the air was difficult to breath, we even had to wear masks. This is a super rare occurrence, so I guess it was kind of cool we got to see it, they say it should go away within a day or two. This bike ride was pretty tiring, I was surprised! It was around nine miles in total but we took breaks along the way to admire the beautiful view, or at least what we could see of it with all the sand. The wall was also pretty bumpy so that added an extra level of difficulty. Overall this was a really cool experience though and I’m glad I got to see it!

It was off to the hotel after the bike ride! A few friends and I decided to go to the hotel restaurant for dinner and splurge on some American food. I cracked and  got a burger with french fries and wow it was so good! Don’t get me wrong, I love the food here.. But I was really happy to have a night of greasy, American cuisine. I even got ice cream for dessert, yummy!! 

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