Day 7: Warning! Now Entering a War Zone

The day we were all waiting for had finally arrived. The dangerous visit to the Demilitarized Zone or DMZ. The DMZ is the famous border between North Korea and South Korea. It was created after the signing of the Armistice agreement ending the Korean War. The DMZ is operated by a joint U.S. and South Korean military task force. It is the only one in the world and is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world. Most people have heard about all of the conflict and tensions between North and South Korea over the years, but after going on this tour and speaking with some South Korean people, it seems like a general consensus amongst the people that they want the two countries to be one day be unified and for the Korean peninsula to be one single country. We went to the Dorasan Observatory and saw North Korea and we also visited one of the infiltration tunnels North Korea dug underground to one day invade the country. All of these places gave me an eerie feeling and showed most of the remnants of the long fought Cold War. The DMZ was actually a beautiful place even though it was a war zone and it has the potential to turn into a very prosperous place one day. We grabbed lunch at the Imjingak park where we ate some Korean food and Dr. Yun ordered us a mysterious sausage and wouldn’t tell us what it was until we ate it. After the DMZ visit our Plus 3 group traveled back to Seoul and went on a river cruise on the Han river. It was a nice and relaxing boat ride up and down the river where we saw the scenic skyline of Gangnam and the surrounding area. The seagulls were flying all around as people on the boat were throwing food to them while I was taking cover so I wouldn’t get pooped on. Dr. Yun decided once we were off the boat to make it a race for each of the four groups to get back to the hotel from Gangnam, only using public transportation and not being allowed to use our phones. The winner would win a free dinner. Sadly, my team came in last since we did not feel like running to the subway station because we were extremely tired from the past few days. For my dinner, we ate at a delicious Korean BBQ pork where we were able to cook the food ourselves in front of us. This capped off our night and we headed back to the hotel shortly after to call it a night and prepare for the next night.

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