Day 8: The Wheels on the bus go round and round

Ain’t got much to write about today. Day eight started with waking up at 8:00 am and driving four and a half hours to Gyeongju, Korea. Gyeongju is in the southern part of South Korea towards the eastern coast. Dr. Yun was very imminent about traveling here due to its historical significance and beauty. The bus ride to Gyeongju was fun because we were listening to music in the back of the bus and watching all the divine scenery go by as we drove through the countryside. We only stopped twice at two rest stops one for a break and another for lunch. It was cool to witness the differences in rest stops in Korea and the United States. The rest stops in the U.S. are filled with fast food chains while the rest stops in Korea have many nice Korean restaurants and coffee places to eat and relax at. We passed hundreds of rice patty farms, irrigated with water due to rice needing lots of water to grow. Dr. Yun bought some very tasty Korean donuts for us to try on the bus ride, and I enjoyed them a lot. Once we got to Gyeongju around two o’clock, we had free time for the rest of the day. A few of us wandered about the small area of Gyeongju we were staying at. There was an amusement park, a pretty lake, and many other tourist attractions we saw while walking around. There was even a hot air balloon you could take for 20,000 won (we didn’t do it though ). Our dinner was at an Italian restaurant which was surprisingly good and then we topped it off with some delicious ice cream. We headed back to the hotel and I watched some Korean T.V. with my roommate Chris and my friend Cal. Korean T.V. has some funny shows and programs to watch. We discovered a new billiards game called Three-Cushion Billiard that we watched for a solid half hour or so. I fell asleep shortly after at around 10 at night from the long day and past week of traveling. Our next day is a whole tour of the historic Gyeongju area that I am looking forward to.

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