Day 9: Fashion & More

Ciao! This morning started off with a nice breakfast at the hotel. We then got on a bus and made our way to the New Academy of Design in Verona. I still am in awe every time I look out the window and see the mountains before me. I was interested to learn about the design academy because it was not a place we talked a lot about before coming on the trip. This academy has three different design schools, architecture, fashion design and visual design. In Italy Universities do not offer fashion as a major, or even something that can be studied so this academy is revolutionary and important to those looking for a career in fashion. The architecture design school focuses mainly on interior design, and in the visual design school the students are able to study motion design which I found interesting. They pride themselves with always have a connection with working areas and products. It is also one of the first academies that offers online and in person classes in Italy, and instead of it being a recording of the class the online students are able to watch from their screens at home and ask questions in the moment.

After the academy we were dropped at a mall for lunch and free time shopping. It was very interesting to see the different stores in a mall in Italy. I was excited to go to Primark because there are none of them near me.

After spending time in the mall we went to Mero and More. It is a typical local company, small but flexible and dynamic which is important to its survival. They adapt to the constantly changing market and are always prepared for fashion trends to change. Because they are a smaller company they are able to adjust to the market easier than larger companies. They only make the prototypes here, after large orders have been placed they send the fabric to other places for it to be assembled.

Tomorrow we go to Venice and I am very excited, so until then, ciao!

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