Googlers and Global Irish Success

“…it is because Irish people are good bullshitters.” -Dr. Daren Kelly

Today we visited Google! A dream work place of mine and was very excited to see all the cool places in the building where teamwork, conferences, and some r&r was happening. The building was massive and came with great views of Dublin. The tour guides were fun and very informative. Earlier that day we ended up at Trinity College and explored the campus a little and grabbed a bite to eat, until we met with Dr. Daren Kelly. His study is in rural growth psychology from what I heard. He told us of his life studies and how it correlated with the rise of Ireland’s economy.

The Irish economy seemed very low before they had an economic boom when education became free but with high quality. This attracted companies who wanted to pay less for employees, but have higher quality, as well as the employees be happy. The in flow of cash created a snowball effect for Ireland from there on out, until the housing bubble. Former equity dropped on housing and people could not declare bankruptcy. Because it was not a thing in Ireland. The country became in dept to Germany (where they borrowed the money), yet Germany had interest in bailing them out, which kindled the start of the booming tech industry we see in Dublin today!

Dr. Daren Kelly believes the economic growth of Ireland is related to the Irish people’s ability of cultural awareness. I believe in a way that it is true. So far my informal talks with Irishman have been different from formal group talking and seems that they really do value a relational customer basis instead of the more frequent transactional basis in the United States. He discussed how Irish people are usually located in higher level management positions because of their “bullshitting” abilities. I believe if more people looked at business situations more like relationship and got to know workers, we would view co-workers as friends and be more productive for it!

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