Day 9: School in Verona

Hello again friends!

Today felt like a full a school day. We started our day off with a visit to Verona’s design school. This is the second school we’ve visited in Italy, and so far I’ve realized school is school, there are classes and teachers and even though we’re in a different country it’s still very similar to what we have in the U.S. We learned a lot about interior design and yes, fashion! Afterwards we stopped at a shopping plaza for a few hours and got lunch on our own. Finally we ended the day with a company visit to Mero & More.

Verona’s design school was so fascinating. We were able to have insight on how they teach fashion and what the students do. This school has an amazing Interior design programs. Students in the program are taught everything about interior design, including how to design their own furniture. The school also has their students submit their work into contests. The examples we were shown was a contest to create a design for a luxury hotel room. There were two examples, each created uniquely for the city they were located in. Personally I though both were amazing, although I don’t have much experience in interior design.

After the design school we got a delicious lunch at a shopping plaza. I chose to get KFC because I miss American food so much. In our additional free time we shopped around a little. The guys were ready to sit down after three stores. But luckily I was there to help them persevere.

Our company visit for the day was Mero & More. They’re a company that starts with an idea that they transform into a design. They then turn the design idea into an industrial idea which they sell. They call this the “playmaker”.

The company has a short supply chain, and also create based on order. This is a pull system which means they base their production on demand to reduce excess inventory. They must work fast though, because seasons change fast and they cannot get behind and lose sales. Hence why they have a short supply chain.

We sat through the lecture and then got the opportunity to tour the company. It wasn’t large at all. It had a family company feel and was different than what I’d expected. Usually when we think of fashion we think of the huge companies or high end ones, but there are also tons of other companies unknown to us because they’re smaller.

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for… our trip to Venice! I cannot wait for the gondola ride on the rivers of Venice. It’s going to be so beautiful. I can’t wait to tell you about it tomorrow.. Ciao for now!

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