Second Day in Verona!

Our first day of visits in Verona began with a lecture from faculty at Verona’s new Academy of Design. The passionate speakers each explained the process of obtaining a degree and what can be done with one. The school offers programs focused on either architectural design, visual design, or fashion design. I was particularly interested in the alternate program that involved literary design. Basically, this program focuses on the role of fashion and design in literature and movies. For example, “what does Gatsby’s outfit tell us about the situation?” or “how does Patrick Bateman’s apartment describe his character?” Even before the lecture, I found these questions thought-provoking. After the general description, we saw examples of projects completed by students attending the academy. We were shown two designs for hotel rooms each with simple, yet elegant designs meant to convey the image of the modern business-man. Next, we admired three runway- ready dresses each with their own individual flair and creative touch. 

We then took a lunch break at a local shopping mall where we enjoyed sandwiches and some affordable stores at which to shop. After a few hours, we left the mall and moved on to our next visit, “Mero and More;” A consortium that both supplies fabric and helps manufacture products for many of Italy’s clothing brands. Mero and More, and similar companies, are an integral part of the fashion supply chain. We received another lecture on the company’s purpose and then received a tour of the building. I was particularly interested in the back area which housed numerous private offices for freelance work. Here, many designers come to enjoy a wide array of fabrics in order to bring their ideas to life. In the production area, we saw the cutting plans for many fabrics. I noticed that meticulous planning had occurred in order to optimize fabric and reduce wasted material. Tomorrow we travel to my most anticipated location of the trip, Venice!

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