Discovery of the Docklands

This afternoon we met with Dr. Darren Kelley; he took us on a tour of the Docklands in Dublin. He gave us a background about his life in Dublin and how things have changed substantially over time. Something interesting that he said was, “when America sneezes, Ireland gets the flu,” indicating that anything America does deeply affects Ireland. He was using statistics to show how the price of apartments increased during the Celtic Tiger, which was the period of rapid economic growth in the Republic of Ireland. But then, the housing bubble occurred in America in 2008, which led to Ireland’s economic crisis. The price of apartments then decreased rapidly. Ireland was able to recover from this from borrowing money from Germany. Dr. Kelley showed us pictures from over 10 years ago of certain spots in Dublin and then took us to the spots so we could see how they looked now. They looked completely different. Before, there was a lot of empty land and a few buildings. But now, tons of apartments were built and just more buildings in general which took up that land. That shows how much Ireland has changed economically overtime.

Dr. Darren Kelley also talked to us about how the Irish people are able to fabricate their stories to become better communicators in a business sense. He said that Irish people know how to connect with people on a more personal level and know the right times to act a certain way even if they are just faking their way through the conversation. The example he used was jumping rope and was talking about when two people are holding the jump rope and you have to jump in at the right time for it to work. He used that example to explain how the Irish people wait for the perfect time to come into a conversation to make it flow better and how other people just walk right into the jump rope and fail at it. I do not really agree that everyone else fails at it. I feel that people have different personalities and are able to communicate better than others. I do not think that you have to be Irish to be the best at communicating. I believe that everyone communicates in their own way! Overall, Dr. Darren Kelley gave us a lot of his personal insights on Dublin which was really interesting to hear.

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