Verona Day 2:

Verona Day 2

Today was overcast but not raining thankfully. After breakfast we took a bus ride a design college. The school offers classes in fashion, interior design, and architecture. In the presentation we learned about how the school focusses on teaching their students on how to design a product that is practical as well as how to make it. Practical design is essential because a lot of time and money could be wasted if the design can not be made feasibly. We also got to see conceptual projects made by students at the school and entered in an international competition with both students and professionals. We were told that the students ranked all with in the top 50 in the competition. The project was to design a hotel room with certain specifications such as a bed, a desk, and closet space. The students were free to be as creative as possible with it but still had to make sure it remained functional. One student said her goal with her project was to create a room for a business man to stay a night in, while also being practical for a couple to spend a night in. By keeping both realistic scenarios in mind, she was able to design a practical but beautiful hotel room. Another student focused on the relationship between the interior and the location of the room. She said her room was to be in Hamburg, an industrial city like Pittsburgh. To compliment this, she designed her room using wood stained to appear as metal as well as lots of plants to contrast the city. We also got to see dresses designed and sewn by students in the school. I was very impressed by how well made the dresses were for them being made by first year students. The classes were extremely specific to the students desired jobs, which allows them to progress towards their goals quickly.

Our second visit was to a fabric factory called “Mero and More”. Seeing the machinery used to print the designs and then cut out each individual piece of fabric gave me a better understanding on how clothing factories functions. The sleeves, exterior, interior, and additional parts of a article of clothing each have to be designed, printed, and cut out before being sewn together to make the finished product. One interesting thing was how the company has struggled to enter the market in America. They said that the American market is ruled by high-end brands and low-end brands with little room for smaller and lesser known companies to exist in the middle, which is where they would be. Italy still appreciates these smaller and more refined factories which allows them to exist in a market dominated by massive corporations in other countries. Tomorrow we are taking a train ride to Venice, which I am very excited for.

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