Day 9: Tigre

Today we traveled to Tigre, a group of islands on the cost of Argentina. We then got on a ferry to travel down the river to the community health center which was about a 45-minute boat ride. While riding down the river I was shocked to see that the river was the main and, in most cases, the only form of transportation. There were children waiting for the boat to go to school, adults waiting to leave for work, and what appeared to be a close community on these docks. When we arrived, the community center was not what I expected it to be. It was extremely small with no electricity or running water due to a power outage. This wouldn’t have been something to notice expect it appeared to happen often. When I used the bathroom one nurse went with a bucket and got water from the river to wash down the toilet.

One of the nurses began to explain to us the makeup of the primary care system in Tigre. The system is a municipality, this means that the province of Buenos Aires has multiple municipalities and one of which, is Tigre. Tigre is a wealthier municipality which allows for them to have a well-structured system. Many of the other municipalities are not very structured because they do not have enough resources to focus on all parts of the healthcare system. Tigre has this benefit over the others because they are not limited to focus their resources in just hospitals. This was obvious to see as the nurse described ways in which the community center was able to serve the community in a greater way. The center holds educational days where they teach members of the community to prevent pregnancy, to have proper nutrition, and more. They also offer different activities such as pottery making. All of these extra things on top of a basic center provide great benefits to the overall health of the community.

After leaving the health center we grabbed a great lunch at the Boat Club on the mainland. We then got to go to street markets, which was really cool to experience this part of the Argentine culture.   

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