a good argument from both sides

For today’s blog, we are to discuss if inequality is good or bad for the community, the country and just the world in general. However, one should not feel comfortable saying that inequality is good or bad, what one should analyze is if the ends of inequality justify its means, meaning is inequality worth whatever the gain might be in society. In this blog’s situation, I will discuss whether inequality is justifiable for innovation all around the world led by globalization.

Similar to how most people prefer to hear the bad news before embracing themselves with the exciting good news, I will start off by discussing the downside of globalization regarding poverty. Firstly, globalization creates an unfair advantage for certain areas over other areas. Take for example the Tigre hospitals that we have visited. Because of the the nature of the location, mainland Tigre is much more accessible, and therefore often more attractive when it comes to globalization. Relying on its golden location and its natural resources, mainland Tigre is able to sustain a rather wealthy lifestyle due to innovation and trade. However, take a quick 30 minute trip down to the islands of Tigre and this all changes. For example, the primary care unit that we visited was underfunded and undersized compared to the well-developed municipal hospital in mainland Tigre. Due to the nature of globalization, more attractive location for trade and innovation will become wealthier, and with it, the less attractive areas will become more unnoticed. For the U.S., the area of silicon valley compared to where I used to live – Sacramento, would be another great example.

However, if well implemented, the upsides of globalization can out-weight its downsides. Naturally, a country’s GNP should increase with globalization, and the distribution of new technologies shared by around the world should theoretically improve the general living conditions of its citizens. However, this depends on the oversight of government over globalization as well as how the government decide to share its increased wealth from globalization. From what I have learned on this trip, the Argentinian government is doing a rather disappointing job of dispersing its wealth and ensuring that less developed areas are getting the supplies they need, in our case, it is mainly vaccines. To summarize the blog today, one must compare the effects of globalization on poverty in order to further determine its general change of lifestyle from globalization.

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