Day 10: Seas the day

Today we had two company visits as we traveled to Ulsan, South Korea. Our first visit was to Jinsan Marine Management Company. We were greeted right off the bus by the president of the company Seog-Gu Gang. Our Plus3 group was given a presentation in a conference room where we were handed packets with information about Jinsan and tasty snacks and water. The presentation gave an overview of what Jinsan Marine Management did. They specialize in supplying spare engine parts to large container ships as well as providing equipment and supplies to these ships for their voyages. Jinsan also provides launch services and line handling services for ships when they come to port. The president gave us a tour of their building, pointing out important awards they have earned and pictures on the wall commemorating them. He showed us their warehouses and what they kept inside of them, ready to be moved out to ships coming to port. They implemented a “Smart system” at Jinsan called the One Window System that had the purpose of providing everything their customers needed at an efficient and timely manner. We finished at Jinsan and grabbed some tasty fried rice for lunch before heading to the Hyundai Heavy Industries plant. The Hyundai Heavy Industries plant was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Hyundai had built its own port and basically their own city solely for the purpose of mass producing medium to large container ships at a large rate of speed. In just one year they could produce 35 gigantic ships at this plant. Hyundai gave us a tour of their museum that showed all of the histories of the heavy Industries plant, showcasing the many achievements they have had at the plant by the founder of the company Chung Ju-Yung and the industry breaking ships they built. Even though HHI specialized in container ships, they also have produced gigantic offshore rigging ships, submarines, and navy ships at this enormous plant. After the tour of the museum they gave us a tour on the bus of the plant itself where we saw all of the factories producing the parts for the ships and the dry docks these huge ships were put together and made into the container ships, each with a specific design and paint job for the customer purchasing it. It was truly a sight to see. These ships were two to three football fields long and could hold thousands of containers ready to be moved across oceans around the globe. HHI was the worldwide leader in building ships for many years and still continues to hold this title to this day. HHI was our last company visit of the day and when we were done we traveled to the hotel in Ulsan where we would be staying for one night. Calvin Spiteri and I wandered around Ulsan in search of anything to do and we found a department store and checked it out for a good amount of time. Nothing else really went on tonight and we are off to the glorious city of Busan after our one visit to the Hyundai Motor Company plant tomorrow.

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