Gyeongju World

Today was our first whole day in Gyeongju and boy did our group do a lot. We started out with a tour of cemetery, but it was very different than one in the US. It reminded me of a park because it consisted of very nice ponds, and the graves were huge mounds of soil, however grass had grown on the mounds. It honestly looked very pretty. We were able to go inside one and see how they were constructed. Afterwards, we got to see the oldest observatory in Asia, and we ended up getting filmed by one of the most popular news stations in Korea. We then headed to the royal bridge and got to cross it. The attention to detail in the painting was just magnificent. We also went to a nearby museum and got to see a lot of artifacts that had been discovered. Something that has been very interesting this whole trip is that the US is fairly new compared to ancient Asian civilizations. Our group then went to lunch and had an amazing meal. It seemed that food just kept coming out and it was wonderful. I got to try octopus which I have never had before. Afterwards, we boarded the bus and headed to a place where many parties were help beside a peaceful pond. Our group then went about an hour away to visit ancient Buddhist temples. I have no idea how our bus driver didn’t crash numerous times and the hairpin turns he pulled off with a coach bus was unbelievable. We had to walk through this forest like place on a mountain to find the Buddhist temple. Miraculously, today was the buddha’s birthday, meaning today was the only day out of the entire year that we were able to actually go inside the temple. There was a ton of people and the temple was so cool. We also got to pour water on a small gold buddha and “christen” him. Afterwards, we went to the most popular temple in Korea and saw the temple and surrounds buildings. When we got back to the hotel, we were all exhausted and our legs were so sore. I looked at my health app and saw that I had walked over 8 miles and I was ready for bed. A few of us grabbed some food close to the hotel, and then met up with our group to discuss about a product we would like to create in Korea. Later, I went to watch a movie in my room, but ended up falling asleep for the night. Our first whole day at Gyeongju really opened my eyes to all the ancient history of Korea and reminded me that we are only a small piece of the history of the world.

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