Do I really Belong Here?

Imposter Syndrome is a psychological term referring to a pattern of behavior where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.

Today we traveled to a cool company called Workday, while yesterday we had a breath-taking tour of Google. The commonality between the two companies is that Azeez from Google and Helena from Workday talked about Imposter syndrome.

(Imposter syndrome is covered in the top section.)

This is a feeling most people often will experience sometime in their life. For me, I actually experienced it this year at Pitt, and my first year at Messiah College. It was a surprising and joyful experience when I was actually accepted as a transfer student into Pittsburgh University’s College of Business Administration. Yet, after half way through the first semester, I had doubts of if I was actually qualified for this school. I doubted my ability. It was a hard time, but eventually I stuck through it all and by the end of the semester I knew it was the right choice and perfect fit for me.

At Messiah College, I had this issue, but with evidence to back it up. I originally ended up going for a recording arts degree and was instead placed in a regular music major. This was very very challenging as I felt 1,000 steps behind every talented musician in the room. They could sing perfect pitch without hearing the note played first and pick up any instrument fluently. I had trouble with it all. I got through it with not drastically dreadful grades and ended up turning it to a music minor, where I still felt that I was just keeping float. Eventually I transferred schools; however, I dont believe it was that I felt I didnt belong, but because I wanted a better oppritunity, which leaves me to this present day, in Dublin!

My suggestion to anyone going through this feeling is to stick through it, and you will see that you belong and bring talent, if not the best, to your workplace or school. You were chosen for a reason, a reason you may not know yet, but other’s do.

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