All in a Workday

We had another busy morning! Today we went to the Workday European headquarters. After a brief presentation on what Workday does and what the company is like, a panel of three employees (who all happen to be Griffith College alumni) came to chat with us about their college experiences and how they got involved with Workday. It was really interesting to hear their stories and learn about the company from their perspective.


Imposter syndrome: A psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments. This term has come up twice in our site visits: once yesterday at Google, and once today. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced imposter syndrome as I’m a fairly confidence person, but I’m sure that this will change once I start my career journey.

It did get me thinking about how I would overcome imposter syndrome, however. I’d say a tactic I would use to get through those feelings of not belonging would be to just remind myself of all that I’ve done and accomplished to earn that job. I would also try to instill the knowledge that everything, even good things, happen for a reason- if you have peace in a job, then you are meant to be there, no matter how much of an “imposter” you may feel.

If I had a friend who was experiencing imposter syndrome, I would say the same things to them. I would remind them of the hard work that they’ve done to reach this point, and ensure them that they are there for a reason.

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