Everything Happens for a Reason!

Yesterday we toured the Google European headquarters and today we visited Workday! They are both technology companies and the tours were both really fascinating. Imposter syndrome is synonymous to self-doubt in the business world. It is feeling like you’re not good enough for a certain job, or something else that you achieved but felt that you shouldn’t have. Before coming on this trip, I have never heard of imposter syndrome but within two days we heard it twice. Both Azeez from Google and Helene from Workday mentioned that when they received their jobs, they experienced imposter syndrome and were unsure how they earned it. I have definitely felt that before. I often seem to underestimate my abilities and skills, so I experience imposter syndrome in many situations. It is easy to feel undeserving and average. When I feel that way, I realize that I got chosen for a reason and remind myself that I have a purpose in the job I got, college I got into, or whatever accomplishment it may be. It is easier said than done to stop and reflect on how I got to that point, but it is very important in order to know my worth!

If a colleague I really care about told me that they are experiencing imposter syndrome, I would sit down and try my best to show them how much they deserve the accomplishment. I would also tell them to do the same things that I mentioned above: remind and reflect. It is easy to get down on yourself and to think someone else is a better fit, but remember, everyone has a purpose, and everything happens for a reason!

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