One Absolute Unit of a Baby

This morning we returned to Tigre to visit and volunteer at a clinic for mothers and children. They help provide skills to women to be successful mothers as well as a place for children to play and families to get food. While the mothers learned how to sew, a group of us watched and played with the children and babies while others helped cook. I was in the first group and I got to hold a very chunky little baby for a bit (#thickthighssavelifes). Later he was picked up and another little girl was dropped off and she began crying so naturally we became best friends as I held her.

This led me to think about the massive boats we saw yesterday versus some of the children we saw today who were underweight and whose families were struggling to feed them. One of the women who runs the clinic told us that 70% of the children they serve are underweight. The disparity and inequality is so obviously unfair to me, but not everybody may see it that way. Many believe that there needs to be a top and bottom percent and that we all can’t be equal, but spending even just a minute with those children, and I promise you’ll change your mind. This inequality is heart breaking and really not necessary, it just requires people to be a lot more empathetic and compassionate and a lot less materialistic. Though I do recognize that this is wishful thinking and not particularly realistic.

I believe some of the roots of this inequality stem from globalization. As technology updates and spreads like rapid fire, those who can afford it get excited and purchase it. I know the business students may have a harder time understanding why this is bad because money makes the world go ‘round but having a yacht owner live next to a starving family absolutely ridiculous to me. Globalization however is not the end all be all of inequality because there has been inequality ever since people stopped working together for the good of the community and began realizing they could barter and trade.

After having to say goodbye to our new friends, we got to have lunch and then we were off to Tango! It was incredibly fun despite my very stumbley steps (Sorry Dominic..). It was overall a really awesome day and I’m looking forward to what tomorrow has in store. Ciao!

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