The Windy City… or Venice?

Today was a day I have been excited about the whole trip – VENICE DAY TRIP! We took the 9 am train from Verona and the ride took only an hour. The train ride was SO cool. The seats were comfortable and spacious, the ride was short, and the views were amazing!!! Seeing the Italian countryside where normal people live is interesting to see.

I wanted to wear my favorite two-piece outfit to Venice but decided to only wear the top along with long pants because it was not supposed to be hot today. The walk to the train station in Verona was fine, normal morning chilly. Little did I know, Venice would be MUCH colder. It was FREEZING in Venice and the wind made it worse. I stayed strong though because I wanted to wear my outfit and not buy a sweatshirt. For five hours I toughed it out and bore the cold until Luca, our tour guide, offered me a jacket. It was the nicest gesture (and he probably saved me for hypothermia). Sorry Mom and Dad!

Anyway! Venice was BEAUTIFUL. The water taxi was so much fun and we took a bunch of pictures on the back of the cab with our friends. Then we took a gondola ride which was a must-do classic (but cold) experience. We had a lot of free time around lunch and we took shelter in a restaurant, ate, and enjoyed the views of Venice while exploring the streets. In the afternoon we took a walking tour. I enjoyed this more since I was warmer at this point. Although we covered a lot of Venice during the tour, we did not see or discuss the landmark sights like the Bridge or Sighs or the Rialto Bridge.

After the tour, I had dinner with some of my friends and we enjoyed each other’s company. Despite the cold weather, I had such a great time today. I am having such a great time on the Plus 3 trip and am already sad at the thought of saying good bye to Italy and my new friends!

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