Happy Horiba-days

Today was by far the best day of company visits yet! The engineering side of me mixed with the business side resulting in an awesome day! We started by going to Amcham (The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Here we discussed the interactions of companies in relation to each other, the government, and the world as a whole. We discussed how the changing political climates through Chinese history impacted the economy at the time as well as how these alterations led to the economy we see in China today!

From here we went to Horiba, a company that started in Japan and has since gone international (still most prominent in China, Japan, the US, and Germany). This company focuses on measurements and testing technology. They developed machines that analyze car emissions, glucose levels, etc. After a brief overview of the company’s history, founder, and their main points of focus (automotive, environmental, medical, semiconductors, and science) we took a tour of the facilities. During the tour, we had the opportunity to see the room where the pack and ship some of their products, as well as their class ten thousand clean room! This was the first time I’ve seen a clean room in person, which was very interesting. We then moved to briefly see one of their medical devices before moving into the warehouse where their devices are picked up for shipment. The second half of our tour was also very interesting (despite us not being permitted to take pictures). We had the opportunity to see the assembly of the less sensitive technology (that didn’t require low dust or clean room), such as the VOC measuring system and spectrometer. We then were shown a scale model of the facility to gain a better understanding of how the air conditioning system could not only control the temperature but the pressure and humidity as well. This allows the company to test a car engine under all conditions to ensure its function ensures all climates from the Sahara to the Arctic. We then had the opportunity to see both testing rooms in action. The first was what tested engines. This room had the ability to have preset parameters to test the torque as well as the ability to allow the engine to spin freely to test speed. The second room was to test gear shifters/boxes. This room was much larger, which enabled the measuring instruments to move and conform to test machinery of all shapes and sizes.

This company has, in my humble opinion, the perfect overlap of engineering with international business that makes me want to work here. At a later summer in my college career, I hope to have the opportunity to intern for this company and, depending on how law school goes, possibly establish a career here!

Unfortunately, as we left the facility it began to rain, putting a damper on our evening plans to explore Shanghai. However, we went exploring none the less and had an evening full of continuing to get to know each other even better and admiring the largest city on earth!

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