Operation: Live Octopus (May 14)

              We started the day with a company visit to Hyundai Motor Industries. This is Hyundai’s largest car manufacturing plant in the world. We were given a tour of the facilities and got to see the assembly process of a car. On average, it takes about twenty hours for a single car to be created. However, half of that time is the painting of the body. I was surprised to hear that 90% of the manufacturing process was done by actual employees and not automation. The guide said the company takes pride in having actual labor done on the car, but I think automation would save them much more money. Sadly, we could not take any pictures, except in the show room. Enjoy these pictures!

              After the visit, we left Ulsan and drove two hours to our last destination, Busan. Busan is considered the Miami of South Korea, as it all along the ocean and has plenty of beaches. We spent a few hours wandering around some of the beaches and getting some ice cream before checking into our hotel. For being such a nice day, the beach was very empty, and the water looked very blue. Unfortunately, we were still in our business clothes and could not go into the ocean.

              Once we checked in to our hotel, we went around exploring the area. We found a cable car that went along the oceanside, and decided to take a ride, not knowing what was on the other side. Turns out there was a dinosaur themed park! Lots of fake dinosaurs in a wooded area with an incredible view of the city. We found Dr. Yun and Dr. Clarke over there, and they wanted to take us somewhere different for dinner. We went to a restaurant to eat live octopus. While this seems gross, I thought it was some of the best sea food I have ever tasted. Busan has really impressed me the short time I have been here, and I can wait to see what else the city has to offer.

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