la boca

Today was a very touristy day. Through the walking tour of la boca, and mainly the area of Caminito, we learned about the beauty and history of Argentinian culture, as well as some of the struggles and troubles that the early Argentinian immigrants that lived in the la boca area had to go through.

From our talk today, we learned some general theoretical ideas of innovation, mainly why and how one should innovate. However, as progressive as innovation is, it can often have a lot of side effects, such as having trouble preserving cultural artifacts in the innovative area. In my opinion, there are several ways one can insure that the preservation of culture through innovation, one is setting aside designated cultural areas that are prohibited to change and second is renovating the cultural area into a tourist attraction.

By the example of la boca, the Argentinian government has chosen to preserve the culture of the location by turning it into a tourist attraction. In addition, you can also see globalization in the caminito markets as well as majority of the shops in the market spoke English and accepted US dollars. Despite the Argentinian government doing a good job of preserving the area, they have not paid nearly as much attention to the living conditions of the people in the area. With the revenue that Argentina draws in from tourism, a considerable portion of that should be used to improve the conditions of cultural but yet poor areas such as la Boca.

Secondly, one can preserve cultural areas by using designated areas. This is very common in Asian countries, especially in China in my opinion. China is one of the fastest developing countries in the world, but in my city especially, there are cultural area that have licenses that stops them from being torn don and gentrified. I would argue that this has worked quite efficiently in China as downtown areas are rapidly growing and old town as we call it, is getting the benefit of it by having a portion of the revenue used for cultural maintenance. All and all, innovating while preserving cultural artifacts is a challenging but yet very rewarding task.

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