Small Town in The Big City

After meeting in the hostel lobby at 9:25, our group took the short walk to the Austral University building located just 10 minutes from our location. While at Austral, we had a guest lecturer, Exequiel Banga, an innovation expert. He gave us an interactive lecture on how innovation works, and gave us some of his personal anecdotes on how he has used innovation with his company. One of the most important things that I gathered from the presentation was the need and use of innovation in today’s rapidly changing world. However,  when taking a close look at innovation and what it does, a common theme is that it creates change. Sometimes this change is good and other times change can be bad.

As well as having a lecture today, our group was also able to visit Boca, and walk throughout the old streets. Boca is an old working-class area of Buenos Aires, filled with clusters of makeshift house, painted with vibrant colors. Today, Boca is a huge tourist attraction for its beautifully colored streets and murals painted on almost every wall. With a flood of tourist in the area, the area has had several changes. Some of the changes that have occurred are that many of the people who used to live there don’t live there anymore, a tourist market floods all the streets of the area, and the port located in the area is rarely used.

Although, many changes have occurred in the area, the vibrant neighborhood has still kept its traditional feel. In many cases, tradition fails to continue in the face of innovation, but the question is: what and how should tradition be maintained in the face of innovation and progress. I personally believe that it all depends on the situation and what kind of progress and innovation is occurring. I think that when it comes to cultural traditions that don’t necessarily have a huge societal impact should be kept and preserved. These traditions are not causing harm, but are rather the history of someone continuing to live so that others may learn something. However, if a tradition comes face to face with something that might change the society during a specific time period in a huge way, then I think innovation is the needed track.

I know that this may sound very vague, and it is, but in reality when tradition and innovation collide it is all dependent on the situation. People have to take a step back and look at what could be lost if they lose tradition or what could be gained if they attempt to innovate, or even if there is some intermediary position. Tradition has been the foundation of society for years, but innovation has been the reason for progress, and without progress we are standing still. No one gets anywhere standing still, so sometimes people have to take a step forward and accept the risk of innovating and losing tradition.

As for the Boca area, they have been able to keep their facade traditional by painting buildings many colors, and dancing tango, but all around them the city has changed. It is as if the world around them has moved on without them, and even the people who used to live in Boca have even moved on. Because Boca has refused to progress it has turned into a tourist site and is known for its old historical vibe. The Boca area has survived because of the tourist but has not changed with the larger city around it.

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