Tradition & Innovation in La Boca

Today was a long, tiring day. We started with a lecture from Exequiel Banga, who works for a startup company called Codika, which helps people to transform their ideas into plausible products and businesses. His lecture focused on innovation, giving us an overview of what it is, why we use it, how we use it and the main methodologies needed to be successful within innovation. One of the most important points that I think he made was that failure can be important for innovation. Failing in your first attempt can give you valuable knowledge for the future success of that same idea/product or a different one. He even gave us examples of some of the concepts that he has worked with that went through multiple stages of adaptations in order to create the best product, proving that it takes time and effort to successfully innovate.

After our lecture, we went to lunch and then took a tour of La Boca, which is another region of Buenos Aires, known for its beautiful murals and of course, home to one of the two professional soccer teams in the city, Boca Juniors. La Boca has embraced the tradition of colorful houses and buildings throughout it, making it stand out from any other neighborhood within Buenos Aires. The intricate murals within the neighborhood take up entire street walls, and they have been painted by many famous artists from Argentina and other Latin American countries.

When innovation and tradition clash together, it can be difficult to choose which path is more important. I think that when it comes to a society advancing itself in a technological and business sense, innovation can be at the forefront. However, when it comes to maintaining long held cultural traditions, I think it is important that we preserve them as best way possible. In a unique place like La Boca that has been built around tradition from its inception, I think that innovation can sometimes take over and erase the tradition that is present, so there has to be a certain range of innovation. This can be done in a variety of ways, from preserving the native language and cultural traditions within the area, to continuing the painting of murals around the area. La Boca has been able to avoid the complete destruction of its tradition and adapted to the innovation of the region. However, it has become a very popular tourist destination, which has taken away from some of the authenticity that the city used to hold, as even some of the native people have moved on from La Boca as innovation has moved on. As far as the preservation of tradition, the continuous painting new murals by new artists helps represent the combination of both tradition and innovation, because it allows for more modern art to be displayed, yet also continues the traditional display of vibrant colors and art that was started so long ago. Taking this into consideration, I definitely believe that La Boca has been successful in maintaining their traditions even in the face of innovation.

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