Turned out to be a Beautiful Day in Verona

Today was an amazing day! It started with breakfast in the hotel, and then we went to visit the company Consorzio Della Moda. This is a company that is made up of over 400 companies, and its goal is to provide these small companies with strength in numbers. When these competing companies work together towards a goal that will be better for all of them, they are better internationally. There is also the idea of state funding that can be sourced through the consortium. In addition to this, we learned about the made in Italy idea that talks about how products are better quality when the entire thing is made here. We also discussed how amazing Verona is, and how people are beginning to see this and stay longer. I think it was really cool for us to see how a company like this works because I have never heard of one in the United States. I feel like very small companies do not work this well together where they are able to work towards a common goal. It’s really cool to see that they can do this. It seems like a much different company dynamic. Also, it is interesting that they are trying to get more of their stuff totally made in this region of Italy instead of sending it overseas even if that means a more expensive price. When this visit finished, we went back to the room and took a short break.

When we were all refreshed, we went to the take away pasta place again, and I experimented with a sauce with eggplant in it which I don’t usually like. It ended up not being my favorite sauce I have had here, but It was much better than I anticipated. We came back to the room to get all packed for tomorrow. Then we started to explore the town of Verona more. We heard of other people going to the top of something to get a good view, so we searched for a while to figure out where they were able to get such amazing pictures. It ended up being a hill across the river that if you climbed up a few flights of stairs you could get to the top near an old palace and have the most amazing view of the city. We climbed all the way up and the view was breathtaking. We ended up staying at a restaurant up there with a great view for some appetizers. After this we headed down and walked to this kind of beach area on the river to meet the rest of the plus 3 group to watch the sun go down. It was an amazing sunset even with a lot of clouds in the sky. After this, we headed to get some pizza, and I am off to bed because we have a busy day planned for tomorrow.

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