Two Wins, One Day

Today I woke up at 6:30, got breakfast, talked to some friends during breakfast, the whole nine yards. We didn’t have to leave until 9 o’clock, so I decided to leave the room at around 8:55. Perfect timing in my opinion. We then got on an hour bus ride to go to the DMZ (demilitarized zone, the only one in the world).

Picture of North Korea from one of those viewing telescopes

After a somewhat long bus ride, we arrived at the entrance to the town that houses the DMZ. Upon arrival, a South Korean soldier boarded the bus to check our passports and make sure that we all looked as we were supposed to. Everyone passed the check station. When the bus was going through the station, there were steel blockades that were placed in such a manner that the bus had to do a zig-zag for a quarter of the distance of the bridge after the checkpoint. After these blockades, we then arrived in the town that houses the DMZ. According to our tour guide, Rob, those that reside in this town have special privileges such as not paying income taxes. We then arrived at the DMZ and my group was able to look through some telescopes and see North Korea. There was apparently a flag war between North and South Korea meaning that they constructed flags in the DMZ and kept building them higher and higher until couldn’t anymore. According to my tour guide, South Korea was the winner of the flag wars. After the DMZ, we had gone to another area inside the town that had a small amusement park and a popeyes. I had gotten food at the popeyes, and it was an amazing change of pace to have fried chicken. We then went back to around the area where the hotel was, but now it was time for the Han River tour.

The Han River tour was short lived, but housed a lot of fun. There were a lot of seagulls that followed the ship, and it took me a little bit to figure out why. I then saw that those working the ship were selling small fish, it then clicked as to why the seagulls were following the ship. I took it upon myself to buy some of these small fish to feed the seagulls with. There were two major highlights of this: one being a time I held out the fish over the railing of the boat for a seagull to swoop down and grab it from my hand. The next being when my instructor dared someone to put the small fish in their mouth and let a seagull come by and take it from their mouth. He then offered free dinner to the person that took it upon themselves to accept his challenge. And me, being a person that accepts almost any challenge with a reward involved, accepted the challenge. Unfortunately no seagulls came, but I still ended up getting that free dinner reward.

There was yet another challenge after the cruise by my instructor. He gave us a vote suggesting that if we all wanted to, we split up into our groups and then find our way back to the hotel and the first group to get back gets a free dinner. I was certain that my group would have been third or fourth considering the fact that we didn’t run like some other groups, but lo and behold we were first. This gave me my second free dinner reward, two in one day!

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